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Queen Maria Studio

Medieval Apartments Frauendorf

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June 2021
Jun 2021

Studio set in an old supply room of the fortified fortress of Axente Sever

About the accommodation

Built within a fortress with a history of over 700 years, this wonderful place can be found in the fortified fortress of Axente Sever. The studio features a large room together with an open interior floor that is located downstairs. 

Queen Maria studio is a suitable choice both for families with children and couples. There are three beds, ready to host as many national (and international) visitors as possible. You can have a romantic holiday or a place where to bring all your family members at once – for now or later. By having them next to you, the entire experience at Queen Maria studio (which includes visiting the medieval towns in the nearby) will definitely remain in your memory.

The bathroom found within the studio does not have a bathtub, but a shower – to help you get ready faster for the wonders of the city. In addition, a hairdryer is always present within the bathroom for a quick hair-do. At the ground floor, the studio features a LCD TV screen as well as a fridge. Overall, one of the most important stuff while staying at the Queen Maria studio is undoubtedly the view. Once you get a glimpse of the outside scenery, you will most likely make your stay bigger. The main reason behind this fact lays within the fortified church located right within Axente Sever. Here you will find an inner court that is perfect for families who wish to spend their hot summer days.

Within the Axente Sever fortress visitors can also find the Fortress Museum. This place is filled with history, exquisite stories and a wonderful view for a long period of time. Moreover, all of these aspects will definitely persist into one’s memory.


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Axente Sever Fortified Church

Medieval Apartments Frauendorf Studios are located just inside the Fortified Fortress of Axente Sever.

Built at the beginning of the 14th century, the fortified church and its defensive walls are still in very good condition today.

Tourists arriving at the fortress can visit the tower where the mechanical clock, installed almost 200 years ago, is still functional. Also within the fortress is the museum which includes a gallery with objects such as cooking tools, folk costumes, weapons, construction and agricultural tools, which reveals the history and tradition of the Saxons who live here. Also here is the gallery of paintings on spider web by the medieval artist Emil Mureșan.

Last but not least, the guests of the fortress are impressed by the church and the still functional organ.

Our visitors who choose to spend a few nights at Medieval Apartments Frauendorf can enjoy in the evening the tranquility of the fortress, the courtyard where they can walk freely, but especially a unique experience in Transylvania.


Medieval Apartments Frauendorf is located just inside the Fortified Fortress of Axente Sever. To get here there are the following options:

  • By car: DN14, at approx. 14 km from Mediaș, Sibiu County
  • By train: Get off either at Mediaș station and then by one of the Regio trains running between Mediaș and Axente Sever stop

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