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The Road of the Fortified Churches

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Discover the history of the fortified churches of Transylvania and find out the secrets and legends surrounding these hundreds of years old buildings!

We will visit the most beautiful churches and fortresses in Transylvania. Some of them over 700 years old! Together with the locals, we will learn the traditions that remain active until today, but also the legends and mysteries surrounding these wonderful constructions.

  • visit at the fortified churches Moşna, Alma Vii, Richiş
  • visit at the Biertan Fortress, one of the most beautiful medieval settelments
  • traditional lunch included
  • organic food tasting at a traditional farm



The fortified church from Moșna 1 hour
Our journey on the road of fortified churches begins in the village of Moșna. Here we will visit one of the most famous and old churches in southern Transylvania. Built over 500 years ago, few know that the church is one of the favorites of Prince Charles of England, being the first one he visited in Romania.


Organic food tasting at a traditional farm 1 hour
Before we leave Moşna we stop for a tasting of traditional products at one of the most beautiful farms in this region. Here we will discover the process of cheese making, we will learn how to make jam, and we will taste several organic delights made this farm.

Alma Vii

Alma Vii Fortified Church 30 minutes
It is said, that the Alma Vii fortified church has the power to give one that inner peace that many of us are always looking for. We will discover here the story of "Helmei", the drowned young woman about whom the legend says it gave the name of the village.

Alma Vii

Traditional lunch like only in Transylvania 1 hour
Before we leave these beautiful places, we will stop at one of the most groomed households in this area. Here we will take part in a traditional Transylvanian lunch that will consist of a lot of dishes famous in the Transylvanian culinary world. We wrap it with a brandy, a wine or a glass of natural homemade syrup.


The mysterious sculptures of the Richiș Evangelical Church 30 minutes
In Richiș we will have a new dose of mystery! Built at the end of the 14th century, the church has a Basilica that is the most interesting point of this construction. For over 500 years, the Basilica of the church has a Gothic architecture that hides many mysterious sculptures, the signification of which can not be explained so far.


The Fortified Citadel Of Biertan 1 hour
Our journey among the fortified cities of Transylvania ends at probably the most beautiful fortress: Biertan. Built in the 15th century, the fortress was one of the most important, Biertan was one of the few Transylvanian settlements that had the right to organize animal fairs.