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Discover the Transylvanian Culinary World

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Discover the culinary delights of Transylvania! Spend an unforgettable day and learn the secrets of traditional Transylvanian cuisine.

We will be visiting the Cooking Museum in Saschiz. There, we will learn how the inhabitants of this region used to prepare the traditional culinary delicacies. In Sighișoara Citadel we will enjoy one of the most delicious coffees in one of the medieval bistros. Finally, we will be visiting the "Grandmother's Cellar" where, alongside our host, we will taste some of the traditional sweets and pickles of Transylvania.



Sighișoara Citadel 1 hour 30 minutes
Our journey in the world of Transylvanian culinary dishes begins in its most representative city - Sighișoara. A lot of beautiful medieval bistros await us here, hiding some of the deepest secrets around Dracula and the atrocities that happened at his time. For an hour and a half, we will discover the secrets of this city and at the end, we will enjoy a delicious coffee!


The Cooking Museum 30 minutes
We leave Sighisoara behind and we head towards Saschiz, one of the oldest Saxon settlements in Transylvania. And because we are on a culinary tour, we must first learn the history of cooking. The Cooking Museum in Saschiz is where you can discover the ancient Saxon techniques used in the kitchen. For example, you can learn how to make butter, but also what types of dishes are used.


Traditional transylvanian lunch 1 hour 30 minutes
Certainly, after we learn some of the secrets of the Saxon cuisine, we will want to taste some of the goodies of this area. For almost two hours, we will taste many traditional dishes and beverages, locally produced, like for example wine and țuica (schnaps)!


Saschiz Fortified Church 1 hour
One of the legends of the Saschiz settlement says that a fortified tunnel would exist deep below the center of the commune. Built in the 13th century, the Fortified Church of Saschiz has a defense tower provided with several draft holes and walls that reach 9 meters in certain places.


Discover "Grandmother's Cellar" 1 hour
Eggplant, acacia syrup, pickles, sauces, marmalade and one of the most delicious bee honey await us in "Grandmother's Cellar". The products prepared here use only the fruit orchard and forest fruits of the Saschiz area and is kept all the year in cool cellars. We will taste some of these wonderful products and at the end of the tour, we will taste the most delicious wines and syrups.