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Crafts and stories from Transylvania

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Discover the old carpentry and masonry workshops and relive the old traditions of Transylvania!

Our journey begins in Biertan where we will visit two famous painting and sculpture workshops. From there we will continue to Richiș where we will visit the carpentry workshop of Christian Rummel, a traveler that left his own country many years ago, and decided to revive the old crafts and traditions in Transylvania. In Alma Vii we will have a traditional lunch and in Moșna we will visit one of the most beautiful eco-farms in this area.



The Fortified Citadel Of Biertan 1 hour
We begin our incursion into the world of ancient Saxon craftsmanship in one of the oldest Saxon settlements in Transylvania - Biertan. Together we will visit a very old fortress and we will discover the legends behind its walls.


The painting and sculpture workshop "Art, Beauty, Mystery" 1 hour
Our journey continues in Biertan and where we will be visiting the painting and sculpture workshop of the local artist Ion Constantinescu. His works mirror perfectly the life and traditions of this area!


Meet the traveling carpenter Christian Rummel 1 hour
Our next stop in our expedition to discover the old Transylvanian crafts takes place in the village of Richiș. Here we will visit the workshop of Christian Rummel, a young man who at the age of 22 decided to leave his native Germany and move to Transylvania. Here, he managed to bring back to life an old carpenter's shop where he created real works of art, using old Saxon customs.

Alma Vii

Traditional lunch like only in Transylvania 1 hour 30 minutes
After all this work we have to get the reward too! This comes in the form of a traditional Transylvanian lunch at one of the most beautiful households in this area. Here we will join a feast that includes only traditional dishes. So, you will discover why the Transylvanian cuisine is famous all over the world. We wrap everything together with a brandy, a wine or/and a glass of natural homemade syrup.


Organic food tasting at a traditional farm 1 hour
Before we end our journey we will be visiting one of the most beautiful households in this region. Here we will discover the cheese making process, we will learn how to make jam, and, of course, we will taste several organic products made on this farm.