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About the tour

We visit together the Saschiz Cooking Museum where we will find out how the inhabitants of these lands used to prepare the ancestral culinary delicacies. In Sighișoara Fortress we will enjoy one of the most delicious coffees in one of the medieval bistros that give charm to this fortress. Finally, we will enter the "Grandma's Cellar" where together with our host we will try the traditional jams and pickles of the Transylvania area.


  • Sighișoara

    Medieval streets of Sighisoara
    Sighișoara Citadel

    Our journey in the Transylvanian culinary world begins in the most representative city - Sighisoara. Beyond the hundreds of years old fortress and the legends of Dracula, the medieval bistros are waiting for us here. For an hour and a half we will discover the secrets of this city and at the end we will enjoy a delicious coffee!

  • Saschiz

    Old traditional Transylvanian kitchen
    Cooking Museum

    We leave Sighișoara behind and head to Saschiz, one of the oldest Saxon settlements in Transylvania. And because we are on a culinary tour, we must first of all discover the history of cooking. The Saschiz Cooking Museum is where you can discover ancient Saxon techniques used in the kitchen. For example, you will be able to find out how to prepare butter, but also what types of dishes were used.

  • Saschiz

    Traditional Transylvanian dishes
    Traditional Saxon lunch

    Certainly, after finding out some of the secrets of Saxon cuisine, we will salivate after the goodies of this area. For almost two hours we will taste more traditional dishes, local products and wines and drinks that you can find only in these lands!

  • Saschiz

    Fortified church from Saschiz from the air
    Saschiz Fortified Church

    One of the legends of Saschiz commune says that a tunnel that reached the center of the commune would have left the area of the fortified church. Built in the 13th century, the Fortified Church of Saschiz has a defense tower with several firing holes and walls that reach in some places 9 meters.

  • Saschiz

    House jam from Translyvania
    Incursion into "Grandma's Cellar"

    Eggplant zacusca, acacia syrup, pickles, sauces, marmalades and one of the most delicious bee honey are waiting for us in "Grandma's Cellar". The products prepared here use only orchard and forest fruits from the Saschiz area, kept in cool cellars. We will taste some of these wonderful products and at the end of the tour we will taste the most delicious wines and syrups.


 5.5 hours

This is the approximate duration of the circuit. We'll start in the morning around 10 o'clock and get back around 5 o'clock.

 5 activities

Depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen situations, locations may differ slightly.

 Traditional Lunch

Acest circuit include și un prânz tradițional care constă din două feluri de mâncare, dar și băuturi alcoolice și non-alcoolice.

 Tour Guide

This circuit also includes a traditional lunch consisting of two dishes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

 Wine Tasting

The tasting includes wines specific to the areas we will visit and you will even have the opportunity to buy.

 Transportation Included

We will transport you in minibuses equipped with air conditioning and heating, suitable regardless of the season.

 Sighișoara, Saschiz

Locations may differ depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen situations, experiences remain unchanged.


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