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Discover the Dracula legend

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About the tour

We will visit the house where Vlad "Dracula" Țepeș was born, but also the prison where he was taken prisoner. Our trip will also include a visit to an art gallery dedicated to the one considered by most historians as one of the bloodiest rulers.


  • Sighișoara

    Medieval streets of Sighisoara
    Sighișoara Citadel

    Our trip starts in the place where Vlad Țepeș “Dracula” - Sighișoara Fortress was born. For more than two hours we will visit the very house where the dreaded ruler is supposed to have been born. After a walk on Strada Școlarilor, we will continue our route to the Church from Deal. We will then descend back to the fortress and visit two of the most beautiful fortified towers in Transylvania - the Clock Tower and the Tailors' Tower.

  • Sighișoara

    Street with coloured houses in Sighisoara
    A walk thourgh Sighișoara

    Nothing can be more beautiful than a walk through an old medieval fortress. And the Sighișoara Fortress makes this experience all the more pleasant! For an hour you can have a coffee at one of the beautiful medieval bistros or visit the small craft shops.

  • Mălâncrav

    Traditional Transylvanian lunch
    Traditional lunch, "Dracula" style

    Transylvanian cuisine is known not only in Romania, but all over the world. Traditional products such as soups, stews, donuts, bread, pickles, brandy and wine are part of almost every day on the table of any true Transylvanian.

  • Mălâncrav

    Fortified church from Malancrav
    Mălâncrav Fortified Church

    Before leaving these beautiful lands we will stop at the Fortified Church from Mălâncrav. Built in the 14th century, it is best known for its 600-year-old Gothic murals. Of a Gothic narrative nature, these masterpieces portray biblical events such as Genesis or the Passion of Jesus.

  • Mediaș

    Trumpets Tower and Medias city center
    St. Margaret's Church

    We reach Mediaș, one of the oldest settlements in Transylvania. Our itinerary cannot miss the "Saint Margaret" Church, built in 1488 in Gothic style. Few know that its tower, almost 70 meters high, is the second largest inclined tower, after the famous tower in Pisa.

  • Mediaș

    Defense tower from Medias fortress
    Dracula's dungeon

    Legend has it that for a short time, the famous ruler Vlad Țepeș, Dracula, was a prisoner in the city of Mediaș. We will visit together the very cell where the bloody ruler is supposed to have been held hostage right on his way to Visegrad where he was then imprisoned for 12 years!

  • Mediaș

    Spider web painting from artist Emil Muresan
    Paintings on spider web "Emil Mureșan"

    Our journey into the world of "Dracula" will end at one of the most original art galleries. In the gallery "Nature and fantasy" of the renowned artist Emil Mureșan we will meet some of the scariest works of art! His paintings even reached the Book of Records, the artist being the first to choose to create art using only spider web.


 6 hours

This is the approximate duration of the circuit. We'll start in the morning around 10 o'clock and get back around 5 o'clock.

 7 activities

Depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen situations, locations may differ slightly.

 Traditional Lunch

Acest circuit include și un prânz tradițional care constă din două feluri de mâncare, dar și băuturi alcoolice și non-alcoolice.

 Tour Guide

This circuit also includes a traditional lunch consisting of two dishes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

 Wine Tasting

The tasting includes wines specific to the areas we will visit and you will even have the opportunity to buy.

 Transportation Included

We will transport you in minibuses equipped with air conditioning and heating, suitable regardless of the season.

 Sighișoara, Mălâncrav, Mediaș

Locations may differ depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen situations, experiences remain unchanged.


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