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Burg Apartments Meschen

Fortified Church Mosna

Accommodations set up in the old rectory of the Mosna Fortified Church

Available accommodations

In the old parish house of the Fortified Church from Moşna, built more than 300 years ago, accommodation spaces have been arranged that can accommodate a total of up to 16 people.

In total there are five rooms, with 2 to 4 beds, which either have their own bathroom or share the same bathroom. There is also a shared kitchen with utensils, refrigerators and a stove with hob, as well as a lounge / reading / work room and a living room where you can dine.

Rooms at Burg Apartments Meschen are decorated in an authentic Saxon style with refurbished furniture over 100 years old. Thus, here you will find the conditions that will give you exactly the comfort you need, but at the same time you will feel a part of the life of the old city.

At the same time, at Burg Apartments Meschen you will find a special place for barbecue, but also a huge courtyard through which you can walk.

The Old Parish HouseAccommodation in the former 400-year-old parish house of the fortified church of Moşna
Price from 350 RON per night

Fortified Church Mosna

Burg Apartments Meschen Studios and Apartments are part of the Moșna Fortified Fortress complex, built more than 700 years ago, one of the most beautiful fortified fortresses in Transylvania.

The fortress has recently been refurbished, and its defense towers can be visited by tourists. The most charming is the Bacon Tower, where the Saxons kept their supplies, including bacon, during the Turkish invasions.

In one of the towers of the fortress, the old school was preserved, with the benches and teaching materials used in the past. At the same time, along the fortified wall are arranged different rooms in which are exhibited objects of Saxon folk art, objects used in agriculture, or household objects.

Tourists visiting the Fortified Fortress of Moşna will discover here the history exactly as it spread over these lands.

Getting There

Moşna can be reached by car, the locality being on DJ 141, at approx. 10 km from Mediaș. Another option to get there is by Taxi, from Mediaș, cost approx. 40 RON.