Turist in Transilvania

Frequently asked questions

First you have to choose the tour, accommodation or transfer service you want. Choose date, number of people, and all other necessary information. After you "request the booking" you will be redirected to one page and all necessary data must be entered. Shortly after submitting the form we will return with confirmation of the reservation.

Every time a reservation request is registered in the system, we will send an email confirming the request. Within 24 hours, our team will return with the booking confirmation. You will also receive your invoice and payment information by email.

Although the possibility is very small in some cases, it may be necessary to reject the request. For example, if the data provided is incomplete or does not meet the required conditions (eg. certain tours require a minimum number of people).

After confirming your reservation we will send you an invoice by email. This will contain all the billing information provided by you. You can pay this invoice either by bank transfer or cash at our headquarters.

Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel the order up to seven days before the check-in date or the date of the tour. We reserve the right, under certain conditions, for this policy to undergo changes.

In some cases, we offer discounts for organized tours, accommodations or other services offered. For more information contact us by email at contact@turistintransilvania.com or by phone at +40 749 680 770.